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Imagine yourself standing in front of a small mud-brick house, with a calm lake by its side and snowcapped mountains in its backdrop. That’s the kind of experience that you will get in this crowning apex of nature’s grandeur.

Situated just in the midst of lofty glaciated peaks, the Leh-Ladakh-Kashmir region has lured intrepid travellers since ages. The azure clean sky and the majestic mountains, along with the rough-n-tough terrain make an unbeatable cocktail for adventure seekers.

The three main nodal points of this beautiful hub-spot are:

Kashmir - Termed as the “Paradise on Earth”, the 140km-stretch of Kashmir valley welcomes you to a picturesque maze of nature’s bounty. The tall standing Himalayan ranges delineated by pristine Alpine grooves, the colourful orchards and flat tabletop are the characteristic features of Kashmir. Renowned as India’s answer to Switzerland, this place’s scenic beauty is worth watching. A stay at the luxurious house-boats is something you don’t want to miss out.

Ladakh - Spectacular and magical - these are the two words that best describe the Himalayan land of Ladakh. This supernaturally beautiful place is hemmed in by the astounding walls of snowcapped mountains. In addition to the serene landscape, Ladakh holds some of the most beautiful Tibetan-Buddhist monasteries, known as Gompas, where you can experience the Buddhist culture. The tortuous high passes and the rocky terrain makes Ladakh one of the most favoured destinations for adventure seekers and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Leh - Known mostly for the Buddhist sites and trekking spots, Leh is a high-altitude desert city in the Himalayas. A 434 kilometres ride from Srinagar, the entire district of Leh is trimmed with three paralleled Himalayan ranges - the Zanskar, Ladakh and the Karakoram. Some of the famous must-visit sites of Leh are Magnetic hill, Zorawor fort, Leh palace and Pangong lake to name a few. Leh also provides suitable stretches for trekking. In addition to trekking, this place is also a blessing for people looking for motorcycle tours to Ladakh & adjoining region.

So what are you waiting for? Get your backpacks ready, call in your biking buddies and get ready to have a motorbike trip to Ladakh. This surely will be “trip of a lifetime.”

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