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Touring Center Alps

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Our Touring Center Alps is the right motorcycle tour for you and your family.

Imagine sweeping the greatest passes of the Eastern Alps on the latest motorcycles, experiencing their performance in their element. Envision a tour guide who shows you not one, but two great routes – ranging from mild to ambitious – every day. Picture the base hotel located in a dream landscape where thick alpine forests meet lush green pastures, where you can see the access roads to the alpine passes from your room.

- Imagine that the hotel, as in Goldilocks, isn’t too big and isn’t too small, but is just the right size, and has a sauna, massage salon and a golf course all within walking distance.
- Imagine taking your family members along as passengers while you enjoy the alpine twisties.
- Think of unpacking and packing your luggage only once during the entire tour.

Experience all this and more at the Touring Center Alps, a unique concept from Edelweiss. Our tour is located in Seefeld, about 20 miles southeast of Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain. Just ride your bike out of the hotel parking lot, we’ll take care of the rest. Starting from the same base every day, ride a maze of different twisties zig-zagging through the Alps. Every day is decadent: from the menus to the road maps. Treat yourself to these delights high up in the Alps.

Day 1: Arrival in Seefeld
Day 2: Seefeld to King Ludwig’s Castles
Day 3: Seefeld to Kühtai
Day 4: Seefeld to Stelvio Pass or Müstair
Day 5: Seefeld to Timmelsjoch
Day 6: Seefeld to Ziller Valley
Day 7: Departure from Seefeld
The daily riding kilometres are approximate distances and may vary. The first and last days mentioned in the itinerary are the arrival and departure days; there is no riding on these days. Bear in mind the time difference between your country of origin and your travel destination. Arrival time should be arranged before 3 pm on the arrival day. Please book your flights accordingly. Route and overnight places may change due to unforeseen events.


Starting 01 May 2022 Finishing 13 May 2022 INR 1,10,000 Book Now
Starting 01 May 2022 Finishing 13 May 2022 INR 1,10,000 Book Now
Starting 01 May 2022 Finishing 13 May 2022 INR 1,10,000 Book Now

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