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High Alpine Tour

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Curvy mountain roads abound on this stunning tour of the Alps. Don’t miss it!
If you’re looking for a one week get-away to the most demanding roads in the Alps, this motorcycle tour is made for you! Experience the excitement of serpentine roads, mammoth mountains, and alpine, Disney-like villages on the roads between Munich, Germany and the Grossglockner Pass in Austria! A safety session will acquaint you with traffic rules and how best to negotiate those hairpin turns.

On our first day of our motorcycle tour we ride from Munich to the Grossglockner Pass where we contend with our first switchbacks. Jagged rock formations that soar to the sky are framed by twisting, well-maintained roads, that you can see for miles while climbing the next pass. Our second day brings you to a riding loop through the Dolomites, a region in the Italian Alps noted for its spectacular scenery. Day three delivers the road you’ve come to Europe to ride: Stelvio Pass. Often referred to by European motorcyclists as “the Mother Road,” this pass has 39 switchbacks on one side and 48 on the other! Set your own pace with your new found friends on this tour. Sweeping through three countries; Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria, the next day’s ride will thrill you with its spectacular views and a fabulous Edelweiss picnic, served in a beautiful area surrounded by the soaring peaks of the Alps.

On your last riding day, you visit Neuschwanstein Castle, the fairytale castle of King Ludwig. This week goes by quickly, but the memories will stay with you for a lifetime!

DAY 1: Arrival in Erding
DAY 2: Erding - Lienz
DAY 3: Lienz - Collalbo (Klobenstein)
DAY 4: Collalbo (Klobenstein)
DAY 5: Collalbo (Klobenstein) - Pontresina
DAY 6: Pontresina - Warth
DAY 7: Warth - Erding
DAY 8: Departure from Erding
The first and last days mentioned in the itinerary are the arrival and departure days for tour start and end. Depending on the country you start in, you may have to leave a day early, subsequently, you will arrive one day later back home. Book your flights accordingly! Route and overnight places may change due to unforeseen events.


Starting 01 May 2022 Finishing 13 May 2022 INR 1,10,000 Book Now
Starting 01 May 2022 Finishing 13 May 2022 INR 1,10,000 Book Now
Starting 01 May 2022 Finishing 13 May 2022 INR 1,10,000 Book Now

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