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Yash Raj Luthra

Back in August 2016, I was scouting the web for a reliable motorcycle rental company, as I needed a bike for my baraat. Your website came up in a search, and I began my shortlisting process.

You guys made the cut.

Residing out of India, I was keen to work with a company that understood my needs and was willing to go the extra mile when it mattered. Looking back, you guys were professional to deal with for the get go. Right from your first correspondence to the last, it was a pleasure dealing with you.

The Harley Davidson 883, was the perfect ride I could have wished for my baraat, and riding it to get my bride is something that is now forever etched in our family memories.

Thank you again for making this easy for me, and I look forward to working with you guys again the future when I plan new bike adventures whilst visiting India.


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