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The customer is required to furnish the following details at the time of booking :




Apart from the requirement of the contract, the above information may be required for identification and authentication of the customer. We may use the information to improve our products and services.



Our privacy policy ensures the customers the protection of any information provided to Motoziel Edelweiss Pvt. Ltd. either at the time of using of the website or at the time of furnishing of any of the details referred to in the terms and conditions forming part of contract with Motoziel. We commit you that any details furnished by a customer are protected and we ensure the privacy.

If at any point details of a customer is being asked by any of the representative, agent, executive of Motoziel for the purpose of identification of the customer while using the website or over telephonic conversation. You can be rest assured that such information will only be used in accordance with the privacy policy and we ensure the details of the said customer is protected.
Motoziel reserves its right to change this policy from time to time by updating this page. The customer is required to occasionally check this page to ensure the satisfaction with any changes. This policy is effective from 15TH July,2015.


The contents of the website is provided by Motoziel and the constant effort is to keep correct updated information. Nevertheless Motoziel does not represent warranties of any kind, express or implied in respect of the contents of the website, its accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. The information in the website is for general information only and any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. Motoziel shall have no liability for any loss or damage arising from loss of data etc. arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website.

For any additional linked contained in this website, Motoziel shall not be responsible for any action as Motoziel has no control over the nature and contents of such links and its future action.

It is the endeavor of the Motoziel keep the website protected from any virus and to ensure the website is running smoothly. However, Motoziel shall have no responsibility for the website being temporary unavailable on account of any temporary technical difficulty beyond control.


Welcome to the website of M/s Motoziel Edelweiss Pvt. Ltd..
The terms and conditions stated herein-below are a vital part of the contract between the participants and Motoziel. If you continue to browse and use this website, it shall impliedly mean that you are agreeing to comply with and are bound by the terms and conditions, whether or not they have been read, which together with our privacy policy governed Motoziel relationship with you in relation to this website.

By ‘Motoziel’ or ‘we’ or ‘us’ refers to M/s Motoziel Edelweiss Pvt. Ltd. having registered office at suite 149, Vipul Trade Centre, Sohna Road, Sector 48, Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Pin Code: 122018. “You are referred to as ‘user’ or ‘viewer’ of the website”.


The terms and conditions being laid down will govern relationship shall stipulate your role and obligations qua the tour being organized by Motoziel.
The contents of the website may encounter typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions and you acknowledge that Motoziel reserves its right to make necessary corrections and to update the information any time without any prior notice as well as we expressly exclude the liability for any such error.

Motoziel shall not be responsible for any loss and expense due to delay and changes in the schedules, defaults by any third party, technical failure etc.


The data, details, format, including gallery, photographs, video clips, marks, logos, designs that form part of this Website is owned by Motoziel and any unauthorized use of the same shall be subject to claim before the court of law.

We do not permit anyone to publish, display, transmit, sell, assign or exploit, whether commercially or otherwise, any information or contents, either wholly or in parts, contained or displayed on this Website.

The contents of the website are for general information and use which is subject to change without prior notice. However, any use of information or material on this website is entirely your risk.


FIXED RIDE ( Description of the package ) :

By “Fixed Tour”, we mean the tours which are already mentioned in the website for specific destination on fixed date of departure with tour cost per person (Both Rider & Pillion).

CUSTOM RIDE ( Description of the package ) :

By “Custom Tour”, we mean the tours which customers choose to configure by their own either for solo or group travel and choose their own travel circuit on their specified dates with specified requirements. Such tours would be tailor–made by Motoziel and to be priced separately.

Motoziel would consult with customer before final pricing of such tour.


Motoziel is bound to presume the information being provided by the customer to be true and correct. However, Motoziel reserves its right to ask for any document as prove for the completion of the booking form. Any tour or package offered through brochures or website or otherwise is subject to change from time to time which shall be duly informed to the customer in writing before making the final booking.
The prices of each “FIXED TOUR” is mentioned in the     website/brochure/pamphlets.

For the “CUSTOMISED TOUR”, the customer is required to fill-up the required information in the prescribed format given in the website. Motoziel shall inform the price per person/total price (if in group) of the tour/package offered, in writing through mail.

To make a confirmed booking, the customer is required to pay 100% as advance at the time of making the booking.

The prices being offered by Motoziel is inclusive of the service tax applicable (subject to change as per Govt. Notification) on that date, VAT, Sale Tax and other applicable taxes in India (subject to change as per Govt. Notification).

On receipt of the advance the customer will be provided with a confirmation of the booking along with the receipt of the advance payment made which shall also contained the balance due to be paid by the customer for confirming the booking.

It is to be appreciated that a customer is aware of the nature of the tour. The availability of the motorcycle shall only be made upon the customer making booking with Motoziel and by signing the terms and conditions.

After booking the tour, the customer is required to furnish the following Documents before 30 days from the commencement of the tour :


Customer requires to pay a minimum “Refundable” security deposit of INR 20,000 (Rupees Twenty Thousand only) at the time of taking possession of the motorcycle prior to a long tour. This security deposit shall be refunded to the customer within 21 days upon his return from the tour, after deducting any amount necessary for repairs or damage caused by the customer to the motorcycle.

WHEREAS, in the event of any repair being carried out, the expenses being excess than Motoziel will have the right qua the reimbursement of the excess balance.

AND WHEREAS, in case of breach of any applicable law by the customer or breach of any of the present terms & conditions, undertakings, declarations, representation or warranties contained herein, or for the rash, negligent or illegal acts of the customer at the motorcycle tour, resulting in any liability, loss or expenses being incurred by Motoziel, its officers, directors, agents, attorneys, employees, affiliates or service providers or if the same is being claimed against any of them, that shall also be deducted from the deposit, and if required in case, the amount being so claimed is exceeding the deposit, than Motoziel will have the right of reimbursement of the excess balance from the customer. Nothing herein shall prevent Motoziel from claiming additional compensation in the event the loss, liability or expenses referred to above exceeding the amount of the deposit made by the customer.


Cancellation prior to 55 days from the trip, only 5% deduction on billing amount for administration charges.

Cancellation before 45 days from the trip, 15% deduction on billing amount.
Cancellation before 30 days from the trip, 35% deduction on billing amount.
Cancellation before 20 days from the trip, 50% deduction on billing amount.

Zero refund if cancellation is done before 15 days from the trip.

After booking, rescheduling of tour by the customer is permitted, with extra cost, if any vacancy is available on that day of booking. However, Motoziel reserves the sole right to accept/refuse the request of the customer.

After booking the tour, in case the customer intents to cancel the booking, Motoziel would refund the booking amount as per laid down cancellation policy mentioned above. However, if the customer so desires, he / she can participate in the same tour of the next year with no additional cost. In such case, customer is under the obligation to intimate Motoziel at least 45 days in advance.

Motoziel shall not be liable for any refund of the amount paid by the customer in respect of his/her booking if the said customer is denied with entry into India for any reason whatsoever.


If a customer does not show up or arrive at the venue on the specified time and date of the Tour, in that Motoziel shall not be liable to refund the amount paid by the customer and neither the customer shall be eligible for repeating the tour on the next occasion.

Where the customer fails to complete the Tour or leaves before the completion of the Tour for any reason, the customer will be liable to make his / her own arrangements with respect transportation, lodging, and, etc., at his/her own expense.

In this scenario Motoziel shall not be liable for making any refund to the customer and neither the customer is entitled to claim any refund qua non-utilization of any of the arrangement of the tour.

Motoziel shall have no financial responsibility for cancellation resulting from invalid passport, visa or other travel documents.





The rights and obligation of a customer arising from the present contract are non-transferable to any third party.

At the time of booking the customer must be minimum of 20 years of age and must have atleast one year of advanced motorcycling skills to participate in the tour. The customer is expected not to learn to ride motorcycle while on the tour.
Customer undertakes and certifies that he has provided correct details to Motoziel.

The customer is under full obligation and responsibility for his /her own action on the motorbike while on tour.

The customer holds a valid driving licence and in case of foreign national, the customer must hold an international driving licence.

The customer is required to be in sound medical condition, mentally as well as physically to perform and participate in the tour, thereby agreeing to all the risks involved in the tour.

The customer undertakes to abide by all the safety norms and shall not in any manner whatsoever ride or at in rash and negligent manner and endanger to life and property of other customer in a group or any other person. The customer undertakes to abide all lawful instructions as well as law and traffic rules and safety rules applicable in the place where the tour is being organized.

The customer is required to take good care of the motorcycle and the customer shall be solely responsible in case of damage to the motorcycle on account of any negligent act and omission.

During the entire tour the customer shall not be permitted to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, psychotropic substances or any other intoxicating substance.

The customer is required to follow the instructions and decision related to safety in any situation a decision is refused, Motoziel reserves its right to dismiss the customer from its group.

The customer shall not be permitted to create any nuisance or derouting or not abiding by the rules and guidelines of the tour. The customer shall not be permitted to separate himself from the group of tour. In the event of the breach of any of terms contained herein and if the customer fails to show safe group travel practice as described by the group leader or if the customer has furnished with any incorrect false information, Motoziel shall have full authority to cancel the tour of the said customer and the customer shall be responsible for his own transportation and accommodation and any other cost as a result of the said cancellation.

Motoziel shall not be responsible for any injury or loss to the customer or third party through any improper performance or behavior of either of the customer. Does it include the food served by the hotel?

Motoziel shall not be responsible for any accident or death that may happen during the tour.

Motoziel is not responsible for any loss, theft, damage of the personal belonging of the customer. The customer shall be solely responsible for their personal belonging, luggage.

The customer is not permitted to carry any weapon, arms and ammunition, fire-works, illegal drugs, pornography or other prohibited items as per customs and law.

Motoziel is not liable for the services provided by any third party, or carriers.
Motoziel cannot be responsible for disobeying the laws and regulations in the territory where the tour is taking place by the customer.

It is mandatory for the customer to have his/her travel insurance to participate in the tour. It is essential that this insurance should also cover medical / hospitalization / emergency repatriation/ additional unforeseen travel expenses with provision for cancellation, curtailment and baggage loss. The customer is required to submit a copy of the said travel insurance to Motoziel at the time of making the final payment of the booking.

Motoziel would make best effort to comply with all the offering, made during the time of booking. However, Motoziel is not responsible for any unavoidable mismatch of any offering as stated in the package during the tour, if any, which is beyond the control of Motoziel.


It is our endeavour that no customer be left unsatisfied. However, in case of any complaint or grievance, the same must be sent in writing within seven days to a maximum of 15 days at the end of the tour. Beyond 15 days it shall be presumed that the customer is satisfied with all the services and feedback shall be appreciated.


The customer is required to make his/her own arrangement whether international or domestic such as ticket, visa, other travel documents to arrive before the beginning of the tour.

Motoziel does not provide any services related to obtaining necessary visa, passport or such travel documents to enter the territory where the tour is taking place.

The customer is solely responsible to arrange his/her travel insurance in respect of the tour organizing by Motoziel. Motoziel is under no obligation to provide travel insurance to any of the customer and the same is not included in the tour package.

The customer is advised to have a comprehensive travel insurance cover for extra days and nights of the entire tour on account of any unexpected delay in the itineraries, any medical expenses, loss and damage to luggage etc.


In the event of any unforeseen event, Motoziel shall have the right to change the   itinerary or tour route which may include shortening, varying or re-routing the Tour without any prior intimation or notice before or after the commencement of the Tour.

In the event of the tour being postponed or cancelled because of force majeure  i.e. unforeseeable events and consequences thereof beyond human control and influence and which could not have been avoided despite of due care, diligence and caution exercised by Motoziel. Which shall also includes but is not limited to floods, earthquakes, cyclones, other natural disasters, epidemics, strikes, war or situations similar to war, etc. In that case, Motoziel shall be released from any obligation under the contract to the customer.

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