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Our Team

Kalyan MazumderManaging Director, Motoziel Edelweiss Pvt. Ltd. & Managing Director, MotoZiel

Kalyan Mazumdar, Founder and Managing Director, Motoziel is a corporate professional with a career spanning over 27 years in diverse industries. Prior to commencing with Motoziel, he has been part of senior leadership in his previous roles for almost 18 years of his career.

Mr. Muzumdar laid down the foundation of Motoziel with Biswaroop Banerjee, Executive Director and CEO in 2015. With a vision, competence and leadership skills, they built a successful venture. An Economics graduate with Post Graduate in Business Management, Kalyan has in-depth exposure on Commercial & SCM, Business Development, Finance, Operation & Contract Management functions in the wide spectrum of industries such as Telecom, Railway & Engineering Equipment Manufacturing, IT & ITES System Integration, GIS, Automobile and Auto Accessories.

Biswaroop BanerjeeExecutive Director, Motoziel Edelweiss Pvt. Ltd. & Executive Director & CEO, MotoZiel

Biswaroop Banerjee, and NIFT alumni (batch of 1995-98), conceived the idea of launching a big bike touring and motorcycle gear retails company, back in 2014. His vision to give a unique touring experience to the big bike enthusiasts of the country as well as the foreign visitors, compelled him to formulate MotoZiel Pvt Ltd. Founded in 2015, with Mr Kalyan Mazumdar, Founder and Managing Director; MotoZiel aims to change motorcycling in India.

Having worked with Royal Enfield, Reliance Retail, Reid and Taylor and other men’s fashion brands in product development over past 15 years, Biswaroop comes with wide experience in design, development & sourcing of motorcycle safety apparel and other soft goods in lifestyle segment, and automotive accessories and parts for aftermarket. During his 6 years’ tenure at the world’s oldest motorcycle brand in production...

Rainer BuckDirector, Motoziel Edelweiss Pvt. Ltd. & Managing Director, Edelweiss Bike Travel

Rainer doesn’t think of Tyrol as the most beautiful place in the world. For him Swabia, his ancestral home in south-western Germany, occupies the top spot, in fact he found it so unbearably beautiful that he had to leave it behind, back in 1995, in order to give his senses some rest. He moved to – you guessed it – Tyrol, where he still tries, after all these years, to master the local dialect. Once relocated Rainer, born in 1969 and a trained economic engineer, took a job with a company that sells giant earth-moving equipment. He handled the world-wide marketing of a product line, but when the company wanted him to move up the career ladder by sending him off to some far-flung country, Rainer resisted. After all, Tyrol was just too nice to be left behind.

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