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Rajput Trail with Outlook Traveller

Motoziel were kind enough to invite Outlook Traveller on their maiden test run—The Rajput Trail. (The name pays homage to the “brave warriors who built the state” but it could jar in the minds of people with more evolved political sensibilities.) In keeping with Motoziel’s philosophy of smaller groups get better care, we were a … Continue reading Rajput Trail with Outlook Traveller

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Motoziel offers a luxurious adventure

Trying their hand at a new start-up has been launched called Motoziel. The idea which kick-started the enterprise and concept surrounds the business verticals-motorcycle touring and product retail…

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Touring Rajasthan on the Ducati Scrambler

One of the strangest things about my riding career is the fact that I’ve never toured Rajasthan in the winter on a motorcycle. It is strange because it is almost guaranteed to be a good time. The roads are excellent, the scenery changes quite drastically as you move and the traffic is usually light enough…

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