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Best of Europe

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This motorcycle tour gives an excellent introduction to what riding in Europe is all about

We call this beautiful tour the “Best of Europe” because it introduces you to everything you would expect to see in the Old World. Timber-framed houses, imposing castles, narrow roads through dense forests, age-old towns and villages, cuckoo clocks and waitresses in traditional outfits, cows with bells around their necks, and much more.

We start in Munich and head north, surrounded by impossibly green countryside. Rothenburg is Germany’s best preserved medieval town, even our hotel is hundreds of years old. Heidelberg features the world’s longest pedestrianized street and a very lively pub scene.

For our rest day we go to France, to the Alsace region. You can spend the day wandering around the cobblestoned streets of our overnight town or join us for an amazing ride on roads that were obviously created by riders, for riders.
Through the Black Forest we head to Switzerland. With the snow-covered peaks of the Alps as a backdrop we cruise across this beautiful country until we reach Austria, where narrow roads and numerous switchbacks show you how much fun it is to ride the Alps. It’s addictive!

Day 1: Arrival in Erding
Day 2: Erding - Rothenburg
Day 3: Rothenburg - Heidelberg
Day 4: Heidelberg - Ribeauvillé
Day 5: Ribeauvillé
Day 6: Ribeauvillé - Schaffhausen
Day 7: Schaffhausen - Warth
Day 8: Warth - Erding
Day 9: Departure from Erding
The daily riding kilometres are approximate distances and may vary. The first and last days mentioned in the itinerary are the arrival and departure days; there is no riding on these days. Bear in mind the time difference between your country of origin and your travel destination. Arrival time should be arranged before 3 pm on the arrival day. Please book your flights accordingly. Route and overnight places may change due to unforeseen events.


Starting 01 May 2017 Finishing 13 May 2017 INR 1,10,000 Book Now
Starting 01 May 2017 Finishing 13 May 2017 INR 1,10,000 Book Now
Starting 01 May 2017 Finishing 13 May 2017 INR 1,10,000 Book Now

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